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Platinum Surgery Center in partnership with Clitoraid a US based humanitarian organization and Garana a Kenyan based NGO performed Clitoral Reconstructive Surgery to over 70 women between 4-14th March, 2019 to help victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) regain their dignity and sexual pleasure thanks to a technique developed by a French urologist.

The following story was submitted by a Clitoraid patient who wished us to publish it while keeping her identity private.
She is dedicating it to Dr. Adan Abdullahi of Nairobi, Kenya who offers clitoroplasty to FGM victims following Clitoraid’s humanitarian mission in Kenya last Spring. During the two-week event, lead US surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers trained several Kenyan doctors.

This is the story of my life and it is dedicated to the best surgeon in the whole world. I underwent Female Genital Mutilation at the age of ten and back then I was exhilarated by the rite because it marked my passage into womanhood. Later on, I came to learn that I was subjected to Type I FGM.I underwent..